tips to learning languages

5 Tips Learn to a Language!

Whether you are leaning English, German, French , Spanish , Russian or you are trying to speak any of these languages. Moscow Tutors brings 5 top best tips for you.

1. Feel it

It is often very hard to understand native speakers when you are quite familiar with a new language . The reason for this is not only  pronuciation but the context of the situation and culture of a language. You might just learn lot of things and will better speak if you know how words and pharases related with context and culture of a language.

2. Immerse yourself

To learn a new language it’s crucial to immerse yourself everyday in the new language that you are leaning.Practice it everyday. Speak, speak and speak.

3.  Watch and listen

The best way to learn new language is to listen to the people and watching them speak. Watching TV shows and movies are best to learn any language.

4. Don’t be shy

You will make mistakes and will be sky to speak. You will even look stupid when you first speak. Accept it and speak .

5. Speak to yourself and make it fun

Repeat word to yourself. Write them . Speak to yourself and make it fun.

Physics Aptitude Test (PAT ) 2019, Problem 12- Solution, University of Oxford Admission Test.

Physics Aptitude Test (PAT ) 2019, Problem 12- Solution, University of Oxford Admission Test.

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