Moscow Tutors: 10 IB Maths Extended Essay Topics

Boys and girls doing Moscow tutors IB Maths Extended Essays on a table

IB Maths Extended Essay Topics:

1. What is the percentage return of a particular 3 reel slot machine? (Any casino-type situation gives opportunities for data collection, comparing expected results with observed data and comparing payout with probability) .

2. What are alternatives to Euclidean Geometry and what practical applications do they have?

3. A comparative study of population growth models for Country X over the last n years, with future predictions. (Which model best fits the data?)

4. The sound of mathematics – investigation of geometric series in musical instruments – the position of the frets on a guitar, for example.

5. How many convex polygons can be made from the seven tangram pieces?

6. An exploration of the distortion of the truth content of a message over the course of transmission between individuals.

7. Is there a link between the golden ratio and how we perceive beauty in nature, with special emphasis on the human face and form. 8. Does athleticism affect pulse/heart rate? The role of statistics in medical research.

9. Is there a correlation between SAT results and school test scores/GPA?

10. The proof of Sophie Germain’s Theorem – Sophie Germain is one of the most famous female mathematicians and she made a valuable contribution in the search for a proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem.

IB Maths Essay Topics

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