Moscow Tutors: School Placements

School placement advice service combines the highest quality school’s knowledge and advice, with a strong understanding of international families’ unique situations and needs, due to its:

We understand your needs!

We have extensive experience working within the UK, European and US school systems, being on school management teams, and understanding from the inside both the structures and individuals involved in the schools admissions process.

Our approach is different

We provide personal and methodical approach that has been refined over the last decade through working daily with a multitude of international families.

Our experts around the world led each student through step by step processes of school placement.

We tailored special programs and courses to prepare students for school placement test which guarantees the admission of the student.

Our help 24/7

Our online team provides answers to your questions 24/7.We have placed thousands of students around the world in the top schools and universities around the world.

Our expert advising student about school placement

To book your school placement advice.

Contact Now

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