Moscow Tutors : IB Diploma programe IB History Syllabus

IB Diploma programeHistory Syllabus. Book your IB History lesson now with our best history Tutors in Moscow!

Prescribed subjects(one to be studied)1. Military leaders
2. Conquest and its impact
3. The move to global war
4. Rights and protest
5. Conflict and intervention
SL and HL
World history topics (two to be studied)1. Society and economy (750-1400)
2. Causes and effects of wars (750-1500)
3. Dynasties and rulers (750-1500)
4. Societies in transition (1400-1700)
5. Early Modern states (1450-1789)
6. Causes and effects of Early Modern wars (1500-1750)
7. Origins, development and impact of industrialization (1750-2005)
8. Independence movements (1800-2000)
9. Emergence and development of democratic states (1848-2000)
10. Authoritarian states (20th century)
11. Causes and effects of 20th-century wars
12. The Cold War: superpower tensions and rivalries (20th century)
SL and HL
HL options: Depth studies (one to be studied)  1. History of Africa and the Middle East
2. History of the Americas
3. History of Asia and Oceania
4. History of Europe
HL only
Internal assessmentHistorical investigationSL and HL

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