Moscow Tutors: SAT Practice Test -1

SAT Practice Test 1

Our tutors worldwide led students thousands of students through step by step SAT practice test . A study of 250,000 students from the class of 2017 showed that Official SAT Practice can help any student improve their scores—regardless of gender, race, income, or high school GPA.

SAT Practice Test 1
  • Reading Test : 65 MINUTES, 52 QUESTIONS
  • Writing and Language Test : 35 MINUTES, 44 QUESTIONS
  • Math Test – No Calculator: 25 MINUTES, 20 QUESTIONS
  • Math Test – Calculator: 55 MINUTES, 38 QUESTIONS

Why our tutors are best for SAT preps?

Our tutors are from the top universities across the world who scored top marks on their SAT . They know the strategies to ACE YOUR SAT , they can help you!

Our SAT tutoring works customized to your needs.

We help you take first the diagnostics test –SAT Practice Test 1, that will help our tutors to know your weaknesses and work on to fill it.

Tutoring sessions are tailored to your ability level and your individual learning plan is designed to enhance fundamental reading, writing and mathematics skills where necessary as well as SAT “test-specific” skills.

Take Diagnostic Quizzes

Take Past Papers SAT practice test and quizzes and get a study plan that helps you focus on the areas you need to work on most.

Book your SAT Practice test Tutor now!

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