Moscow Tutors: Summer Study Plan to Maximize SAT Preparation

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1. Have a  study plan

• Three days per week, take partial, timed exams focusing on your most challenging sections.

• Two days per week, practice untimed questions in your midlevel areas.

• Practice your strong areas for 30-60 minutes a day in fun ways.


2. Gear up for game day

Around week six, students should take a second timed exam and capitalize on their improvements. Note how much of the exam you completed when time expired. Score the exam, but also finish the rest of the questions untimed. Adjust your study calendar and spend less time practicing items that have become easy.

From weeks seven to 10, practice by taking two sections per week under timed conditions in your remaining high-challenge areas, one per week in midlevel areas and one untimed practice session in low-challenge areas. Make sure also to include one entire timed essay section each week, even if the essay poses a low level of difficulty.


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