IB Subjects Groups

IB Subjects Groups. Tutoring Worldwide!

IB subject groups

The six IBDP subject groups and course offerings are summarised below.

  • Group 2 Language A2 subjects, which have been withdrawn. The interdisciplinary subject Literature and Performance can also be taken at SL.
  • Group 2: Language acquisition. An additional language, taken at the following levels: Language B (SL or HL), or Language ab initio (SL only).Latin and Classical Greek are also offered and may be taken at SL or HL.Following the replacement of the Language A2 option with the Group 1 Language and Literature offering for courses starting in summer 2011, the Language B syllabus was changed: the coursework is now more rigorous, and at HL, there is the compulsory study of two works of literature (although this is for comprehension rather than analysis and is only assessed through coursework). In addition, B SL students can study one of the texts as a replacement for the optional topics.

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