International Schools and Kindergartens in Moscow

International Schools in Moscow

If you are parent and looking to move to Russia Moscow and looking for a school for your children. Check list of international schools in Moscow below:

All children in Russia have the right to receive general and vocational education free of charge and on a selective basis, free non-university and university level higher education and postgraduate education in state and municipal educational establishments (one course programme at each level).

International Schools in Moscow

Before school, children typically go to kindergarten or other pre-school establishments from the age of three.. Most Russian children attend state kindergartens and schools near their homes. However, recent years have been marked by a rise in the number of foreign specialists working in Russia. Given that they often have families and children of school age, the demand for kindergartens and schools that can accommodate foreign children has increased. There are a number of private international kindergartens and schools in Moscow which usually charge tuition fees.

List of International Schools in Moscow

  • The International School of Moscow – Rosinka Campus
  • English International School Moscow
  • The International School of Moscow – Krylatskoe Campus
  • English International School Moscow South-West
  • English School of Science and Technology
  • Anglo-American School
  • Cambridge International School
  • The English International School Moscow West
  • International School of Tomorrow Moscow
  • British International School
  • Alexandre Dumas French School in Moscow
  • German School Moscow
  • Hinkson Christian Academy
  • Cambridge International School – Festivalnaya Campus
  • Russian International School
  • International School of Moscow
  • Cambridge International School Школа Английского Языка
  • Cambridge International School – Skolkovo Senior Campus
  • Brookes Moscow International School | Международная школа Брукс Москва

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